Entry #5

Defend Your Cheese Multiplayer

2010-06-12 15:50:25 by mulatto401

Alright, been working on this game hardcore these few weeks and it is close to being finished. I posted a video of the multiplayer support.

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2010-06-12 16:13:26

that game looks quite baddass

mulatto401 responds:

Thanks bro!


2010-06-12 20:17:16

I played it! And i can say it's a baddass game!
Protect that Cheeeese my mighty mice and winged soldiers!

Btw, owls rule!
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /443779
But that's old news.
Some beavers would be cool too :P


2010-06-18 21:23:31

How's the development? Keep posting news of it.
If you need beta testers just say it in the chat :)