Alright, been working on this game hardcore these few weeks and it is close to being finished. I posted a video of the multiplayer support.

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DYC Update

2010-06-04 20:10:19 by mulatto401

Defends Your Cheese is almost done (I been saying this a lot). The backend logic has been converted to Java instead of the slow Actionscript 1.0. The game is being wrapped up, and will be getting polished soon, a public beta may be in place, so keep eye out. :)

Progress in the making

2010-01-14 23:02:40 by mulatto401

The DYC game is about 95% done and now working on the Connect more here... The Game Project

On Hold

2009-12-07 19:29:15 by mulatto401

Game Development is put on hold for the Holiday season. Can you say Ka-Ching?

Defend Your Cheese

2009-08-13 01:54:42 by mulatto401

I guess ill post something on here since I never use my account much. We are working on a great game for you all to play :). It's called Defend Your Cheese and it's was a game inspired but "Age of War". A defense game with a theme to mice! Multiplayer and more....keep up to date with the game progress at